Presbyterian Men

Early Birds

Wednesdays, 6:30 – 8:00 am

Throughout the year, we offer regular opportunities for fellowship, growth, and study! ‘Early Birds’, a weekly all men’s breakfast, is a great way to stay connected throughout the year!

Early Birds began as a Lenten devotional group for men in 1958, led by Dr. Al Edwards.  The men enjoyed the breakfast, fellowship and devotional talks so much that they kept the meeting going!

The Earliest Birds are eating by 6:30 and the food line is open until about 7:15. At about 7:30, a Pastor, an Early Bird or guest speaker shares an encouraging 20-minute talk.  By 8:00, the flock is dispersed, with full bellies and hearts.

Our Early Birds come from churches of every denomination, all across Raleigh! It has been a great opportunity to support missions efforts right here in Raleigh, as well as in Haiti and Bolivia!

Men of the Church

Our Men of the Church group gather 6 times per year and go to various BBQ restaurants around the area and state. This is a great time of fellowship and good food for any man interested! Please check the newsletter and announcement slides in the Edge Lobby for upcoming trips.


Small Groups

For couples interested in being in a small group, PW Circle 10 is a couples circle that meets every month. Learn More About Small Groups