Church School

Sunday Mornings

9:45 – 10:40 am

We offer a variety of church school options for all ages on Sunday mornings. Click one of the options below to learn more.

Adult Classes:


The Vanguard Class is a historic class that has helped to start 7 congregations in New Hope Presbytery. After singing several hymns, collecting an offering, and announcements, a lecture style lesson is led in the historic Vanguard Room. (Adjacent to Sanctuary)

Tom Albright

A community that enjoys both lecture and discussion, the Tom Albright class seeks to study together and support one another in life’s journeys. (1st floor Stock Building)

Rick Brand

Formed by our previous associate pastor, Rev. Richard Brand, this class enjoys supporting one another, participating in book studies, and enjoying fruitful discussion. (1st floor Stock Building)


A mix of all ages, this class studies a wide variety of topics, including current events, book studies, and more. With a rotating group of core teachers, this class enjoys a mix of lecture and discussion. Phoenix members get together often outside of class and seek to support and care for one another. (3rd floor Edge Building)


A small group dating back to 1980, the Seekers use an informal structure to their class based around Bible Study and discussion with lots of laughter!

Previous studies include: “The Mighty Acts of God” and “Minor Prophets.” (2nd floor Stock Building)


Focused on how we live out our faith in a challenging world, the Faithbuilders value each class member’s input during class.  A small class that is happy to grow. (2nd floor Stock Building)

Ed Greer

A class that enjoys connection, laughter, and discussion, the Ed Greer members are all ages, though many have college students and beyond. Class members enjoy dinners out, concerts, and more together. (3rd floor Edge Building)


Once having been geared toward couples, the Fides class now has a wide variety of members and enjoys rich conversation and fellowship. (3rd floor Edge Building)


Journey members are married, single, and many have children who are nursery, preschool, and school age. The class enjoys a mix of lecture and discussion and also hosts many events outside of class. (3rd floor Edge Building)


The Emmaus class is made up of folks who are single, married, in grad school, or have young children. Their Sunday School format is mostly discussion-based. They organize lots of fellowship and service projects outside of class like Supper Clubs, Sunday Brunch, Habitat Days, and more! (1st floor Stock Building)