Jobs at FPC

JOB TITLE: Audio Visual Lead Technician

EMPLOYEE TYPE: Part-Time (Non-Exempt)

REPORTS TO: Church Administrator

SCHEDULE: Average 10 Hours/Week *Sunday’s Required 7:30AM-12:30PM, remaining hours throughout the week on/off-site.

JOB SUMMARY:  First Presbyterian Church has distinguished itself for having a dedicated volunteer AV Team, and for the quality of its streaming and AV production services. This part-time position for an  AV Lead Technician is to provide overall direction for the volunteer team and to coordinate the  development and operation of existing and future AV capabilities.


Technical Experience:

  • At least two years experience in Audio/Visual production environments
  • Familiarity with various AV production hardware and software, which might include Vaddio Production View, Vaddio Cameras, OBS Studio, Photoshop, or other various video and audio editing products.
  • Streaming experience with YouTube, Facebook or other online platforms preferred.
  • Experience with various AV products and vendors.

Problem Solving/Troubleshooting:

  • Demonstrated ability to address issues that arise affecting the Church’s ability to offer high-quality internet access to its worship and ministry

Project Planning:

  • Proven success in meeting deadlines where planning and coordination of various teams is required.
  • Proficiency with standard word processing, presentation, spreadsheet, and planning softwar

Interpersonal Skills:

  • Ability to productively interact with and respect a wide range of personalities who may have differing opinions about their worship experience.


  • The ideal candidate would be a seasoned AV professional that is looking for a church home and would like to leave a lasting legacy by using audio/visuals to grow the  church’s outreach and mission. College students with the right experience and enthusiasm will also be considered. We are looking for someone who sees AV inside a church as a personal ministry.


Note: all numbers of hours are approximate.

  1. Assist in AV Production for Sunday Services – 4 hours/week
  • Be available for four hours to assist with audio and/or streaming the church worship services on Sunday mornings, but not necessarily every Sunday during every month.
  • Regular times of the services are 8:30 AM and 11 AM, although the church can elect to change the schedule in the summer.
  1. Oversee the Administration of AV Services – 1-2 hours/week
  • Coordinate with the church staff to be a point of contact to address their AV needs.
  • Help recruit, train, motivate and advise volunteers who are operating either the sound board or video equipment.
  • Manage the AV calendar and coordinate with the AV Team to ensure that manpower is available for services and church events, including weddings, funerals, and special 
  • Coordinate any AV needs for the staff, such as monitors or audio equipment where
  1. Coordinate AV Services for Special Church Productions and Events – 2 hours/week as needed
  • Act as the Team Lead for special productions – Christmas, Easter, etc. This role could include staff coordination, audio and video recording, and post production, overseeing the projects and coordinating certain tasks to be performed by AV Team volunteers.
  1. Be a Training Resource for the AV Team – 4 hours/month
  • Provide advice, information and documentation to the AV team to help them improve their abilities in sound, camera work, video editing, and audio mastering.
  1. Be a Technical Advisor to Staff and the AV Team – ongoing as needed
  • Make recommendations to church staff and the AV team for products, services, and vendors as new needs and capabilities are developed (example: campus-wide video distribution, etc.)
  • Investigate the AV needs of various church programs and make recommendations, as needed.
  • Attend church committee meetings, as needed.

6. Perform other duties as may be assigned by the Sr. Pastor/Head of Staff and Church Administrator.

To apply, send a Cover Letter and Resume to