Church School

Sunday Mornings

9:45 – 10:40 am

We offer a variety of church school options for all ages on Sunday mornings. Click one of the options below to learn more. Please note age level classes return on August 28, 2022.  As well, Summer LEGO lesson class is available in Memorial Hall from 9:45-10:30 for ages 4-5th grade weekly.  

Safety Protocols

To continue to minimize the spread of Covid-19 and to seek to keep everyone as safe as possible, here are the protocols that we will have in place:

  • Masks – We’ll wear masks inside and ask anyone over the age of 2 to wear a well-fitting mask that covers their mouth and nose.
  • Contact Tracing – Adult classes will have scannable QR codes in each classroom. Participants will be invited to quickly scan the code on their phone by opening the camera and hovering over the code. A link will pop up and direct participants to a short 4 question survey to give their name, class, date, and the names of anyone sitting within 6 feet.
  • Exposure – Should someone test positive between Sunday’s class and Wednesday at lunchtime, they’d be invited to contact Beth Thaxton ( We’ll send a short notice to the class that there has been an exposure and also notify close contacts. Names will not be shared.

We hope that these safety protocols will give us some comfort as we gather again!

Join A Class Remotely

Want to join us from home or while traveling? Through the wonderful gift of technology, we’ll have 4 spaces that are enabled with an Owl Camera – a 360 camera and speaker system.

These 4 classes will be able to have full participation from both in-person and at-home participants via Zoom. We’re excited that this will allow folks to join in even if they are traveling or are not yet ready to participate in person.


  • Owl-Enabled Classes:
    • Phoenix
    • Ed Greer
    • Rick Brand
    • Youth

Contact Beth Thaxton ( for more information as our 3 Youth classes will share this camera and use as needed for youth who are traveling due to sports or other commitments.

Adult Classes

We recognize that it’s been quite some time since we’ve been together in person for Church School and we would love for folks to consider this a fresh start and try out a class!


Ed Greer Class (*remote option)

Location: Third Floor, Edge Building overlooking Salisbury Street
About: The Ed Greer Class is a discussion-based group, themed mainly around how God calls us to live and serve, that also love to gather outside of class.


Phoenix Class (*remote option)

Location: Third Floor, Edge Building overlooking our Sanctuary & the Capitol lawn
About: The Phoenix class is a discussion-based class that loves to support each other inside and outside of class. Studies may be centered around books, articles, and scripture.


Journey Class

Location: Third Floor, Edge Building overlooking the FPC parking lot
About: The journey class is mostly made up of folks who are in their 30s and 40s, some have children and some do not. This class has taken a pandemic hiatus and is excited to return together. This class loves to discuss with no prep required out of time. This class loves to meet at restaurants and breweries outside of class as well.


Emmaus Class

Location: Third Floor, Edge Building facing south
About: The Emmaus class is made up primarily of folks in their 20s and early 30s but welcomes all. This class loves discussion and is excited to return after a pandemic hiatus.


Vanguard Class

Location: The Vanguard Room, adjacent to the Sanctuary
About: Vanguard Class will be Bible 101, seeing our ancient Scripture in new ways. Ed McLeod will be the primary teacher. This class has a generations long rich history and would love to welcome members new and old.


Rick Brand Class (*remote option)

Location: First floor Stock Building
About: The Rick Brand class is a discussion class that focuses on a variety of topics from contemporary issues to Biblical studies. The class is made up of middle age to senior members. A number of class members teach the class. They, as a group, get together and propose non-biblical books as well as Bible books for the class to study.


Tom Albright Class

Location: First floor Stock Building
About: The Tom Albright class has a long history together of Bible study and supporting one another as a family of faith.

Youth Classes (6th Grade - High School)
6th-7th Grade/Pre-Confirmation (*remote option)

Location: Second Floor, Stock Building 
About: Sixth and Seventh graders study the Old and New Testaments (in rotating years) to give them a bird’s eye view of scripture before entering into the Confirmation program in 8th grade.


8th Grade/Confirmation (*remote option)

Location: Second Floor, Stock Building 
About: This class is an activity-based program exploring the student’s journey of faith and growth in Christ. Its purpose is to prepare our young people for their confirmation as full members of the church. Confirmation class is for 8th graders and up and runs from November through Palm Sunday.


9th-12th Grade/High School (*remote option)

Location: Second Floor, Stock Building 
About: Our High School youth participate in a topic-based study that is centered on living out our faith, current events, and more!

Children Classes (Age 3 - 5th Grade)

Our preschool and elementary age classrooms are taught by teaching teams and will be using the Dwell Curriculum. Dwell is consistent with teachings of the PCUSA and Reformed theology and includes take home sheets that are available for each age group. The matching online curriculum is available in the weekly Children’s Ministry email from Katy »

3 Year Old

Location: First Floor, Stock Building 

4 Year Old

Location: First Floor, Stock Building 

K-1st Grade

Location: First Floor, Stock Building 

2nd-3rd Grade

Location: First Floor, Stock Building 

4th-5th Grade

*NEW* Location: Second Floor, Stock Building 

Class Locations