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Online Services & Events Until Further Notice

In light of the recent restrictions on large gatherings in response to the Coronavirus, we are no longer able to hold public worship in our sanctuary on Sunday morning. God’s peace be with you, and with all those who are finding new ways to stay together in these days when we are being urged to keep our distance. Worship is central to our identity as God’s people. We are at an unprecedented public health moment, and so we are seeking to be diligent and faithful in our responsibility to care for one another. Please find helpful resources on how to cope during this time at the link below. Resources are updated regularly.


Sunday Worship Livestream

Join us for our weekly service at 11:00 am EST right here on our website. Find the worship bulletin, children’s bulletins and downloadable hymn sheets at www.fpcraleigh.org/worship-resources.

Midweek Moment

Tune in every Wednesday morning at 11:00 am to hear a short devotional, scripture and prayer by Dr. Ed McLeod.

First Press News

NOTEworthy January 31

I Hear Thy Voice - Susan LaBarr I hear Thy voice, dear Lord; I hear it by the stormy sea When winter nights are black and wild, And when, affright,...

Pathfinders & ROCKstars Soap Sale

Soap Sale to Benefit Haiti Outreach Ministry Child Sponsorship Will you be my Lathertine? This year's soap sale replaces our annual traditional...

NOTEworthy January 24

Hold On! - Traditional Spiritual arr. Marques Garrett Keep yo’ han’ on-a the plow Hold on ! Hold on ! Nora, Nora let me come in Door’s all fast’ned...

Loaves and Fishes Chili Sale

It's that time of year! Don't miss out on this delicious chili - your choice of meat or veggie! Order for yourself, and then consider placing a...

Do you speak fluent Spanish?

If so, would you be willing to be on call to help with translations for the Friendship Fund on Tuesday or Wednesday mornings? The goal is to create...

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