Our Staff

Our church is guided by caring pastors and staff who serve the membership and the wider community through preaching, pastoral care, local leadership, outreach and more. In addition to supporting our community, our staff help us grow in faith and provide support to our church family when we need it. Many dedicated people assist our pastoral team in sharing the Gospel, leading our programs, and maintaining our facilities.

Troy Lesher-Thomas

Interim Pastor

Beth Thaxton

Director of Youth Ministry & Christian Education

Scott Sommerfeld

Facilities Manager

Melani Willhite

Financial Assistant

Meredith Rawls

Ministry Intern

Laurie Taylor Weicher

Associate Pastor

Mark Woodcock

Director of Music

Jamie Williams

Office Manager

Tyler Elrod

Audio Visual Lead Technician

Judy Pidcock

Parish Associate

Kathy Johnson

Director of Community Outreach

Jean Suber

Communications Specialist

Peggy Taft

Interim Co-Director Child Development Center

Katy Schafer

Director of Children & Family Ministries

Gail Barrett

Church Administrator

Jonathan Regalado


Valerie Vess

Interim Co-Director Child Development Center

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Staff Email Directory

Gail Barrett                         gbarrett@fpcraleigh.org

Tyler Elrod                           telrod@fpcraleigh.org

Kathy Johnson                     kjohnson@fpcraleigh.org

Troy Lesher-Thomas          tlesher-thomas@fpcraleigh.org

Judy Pidcock                         jpidcock@fpcraleigh.org

Merideth Rawls                    merrawls@gmail.com

Jonathan Regalado               jregalado@fpcraleigh.org

Katy Schafer                          kschafer@fpcraleigh.org

Jean Suber                            jsuber@fpcraleigh.org

Scott Sommerfeld                ssommerfeld@fpcraleigh.org

Peggy Taft                             ptaft@fpcraleigh.org

Valerie Vess                           vvess@fpcraleigh.org

Laurie Taylor Weicher        lweicher@fpcraleigh.org

Beth Thaxton                        bthaxton@fpcraleigh.org

Melani Willhite                    mwillhite@fpcraleigh.org

Jamie Williams                      jwilliams@fpcraleigh.org

Mark Woodcock                   mwoodcock@fpcraleigh.org