RYM Thanks You!

We at Raleigh Youth Mission wanted to thank you again for spending a week of your summer with us and exploring our theme: World’s Apart.

We wanted to give you an update concerning our overall statistics and contributions that we collectively made this summer to the community of Raleigh. We served over 25 immersion agencies, from 5 different denominations with 224 participants at 3,527.50 people hours over 9 weeks.  That amounts to $25,574.38 at minimum wage or $ 43,564.66 at a living wage that went towards those experiencing homelessness, poverty and hunger! What an impact we made sharing God’s love and grace by bringing Worlds Together!  We hope that the places you served will be an opportunity for your youth to delve more deeply into the questions of poverty, homelessness and hunger and also current topics like immigration, refugees, drug addictions, and dementia over the following year. We also hope that this will be a great place to start conversations about spiritual aspects like intentionality, compassion, empathy and God’s love and grace for all. We would love to continue to be a resource for you and your churches as you continue to live out your call. Please feel free to contact us at anytime with questions or additional resources that might be helpful to your conversations.  Thank you for a great summer and we do hope we will see you again soon!

Sincerely, Linda, Chloe, and Anna Grace

Rev. Linda Harding, linda@youthmissionco.org