Reopening Reminder

As we reopen for in-person worship on May 23, please remember that we will continue to follow the most cautious guidelines until we feel it is safe to do otherwise.

While a recent CDC report suggested that vaccinated persons could go without masks, indoors and outdoors, we will continue to ask that all persons in our building wear masks, as an act of neighborliness.

Not everyone has had a vaccine, in particular, there will be children present who are not vaccinated, and so we owe them, and their parents, this simple courtesy. The one exception to this will be those who are speaking in worship, but we are hoping that their distance from others, and the fact that everyone else is masked, will not compromise safety.

We have been well served by our cautious approach thus far, and we are grateful, in advance, for your cooperative spirit.

If you haven’t done so already, please review our Return to Worship Plan ยป