FPC Foundation Receives Gift

The FPC Foundation recently received a generous gift of $200,000 from the estate of longtime church member Arthur Lockwood who died on April 22, 2021 at the age of 91. Art became a member of our church in 1962. His wife Mary joined the church after they married in 1983. Mary died in 2015.

Art was born in Greenville, South Carolina. He received his Bachelor degree in Chemistry from Furman College in 1950. Art was a research and development chemist and had several patents in the field of textiles and man-made fibers. He was a generous supporter of various charities such as the SPCA, Helping Hands Mission, and Vietnam Vets. Those were just a few. Where there was a need, Art contributed to the need.

In delivering his eulogy, Rev. Judy Pidcock noted:

“Art Lockwood lived a steadfast, generous life. He came by those traits through his parents, who were steadfast, generous people…..Art grew up in a home full of love and care and kindness…..Right from the start, the Lockwoods taught Art about the importance of service and generosity. He learned early and often lessons about being steadfast and loyal to people in need and communities in need…..(he) lived his life with Godly traits: generosity, compassion, kindness, steadfastness. His commitments were strong and deep. His care for others was tender, gentle and reliable. His love of life enabled him to love others, to love each day, to love the world around him…..And because he had such a warm and loving heart, caregivers and neighbors became friends. Any who met him felt his kindness and goodness….. (and) enjoyed their time with Art, whose days were happy, whose heart was joyful…..Let us give thanks for the life and death and resurrection of Arthur Walker Lockwood, Jr. – child of God, brother in Christ, saint of the Church.”

Even after his death, Art’s generosity will help ensure the long term sustainability of our church. This includes not only our work with missions but also the ongoing maintenance of our facilities.

Consider your legacy and how you might help with the long-term viability of the mission of First Presbyterian: Serving Christ from the Heart of the City to the Ends of the Earth with Love, Faith and Action.

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