A Personal Invitation from Ed and Jenny McLeod

Ed has the privilege of getting the front page space in this newsletter week after week to have an “official” message to you, but here we want to offer a more personal word. Like many of you, we have recently received a COVID relief check, sent out to the American people in an effort to mitigate some of the financial hardship of life in the pandemic. Our guess is that for a great many people, this will make a dramatic difference in their sense of security and financial well-being.

However, having recently learned (during a Moment for Mission at FPC), that there are more than 6,000 children in Wake County who do not have a bed of their own, we have decided that we will use our relief check to support The Green Chair Project’s efforts to address that need. The Green Chair Project is one of our trusted mission partners, and while we could put our relief check into our savings account, or go out and buy a trinket we don’t really need, we have decided to make an investment in the comfort and well-being of children in our community. And, with the Session’s permission, we are inviting you to join us, either in supporting the efforts of The Green Chair Project, or perhaps another charitable organization whose work you admire.

We understand that your COVID relief check might be needed to address a significant challenge in your own household, and if that’s the case, be thankful for it! But if you are in a position to use some or all of it in a way that alleviates suffering in our community, be thankful for that, too, for that means you have been richly blessed, and are in a joyful position to be a blessing to others.

If providing a donation by check, please indicate “Challenge Gift-Green Chair” or “Challenge Gift-(favorite mission partner name)” in the memo line. Thank you!