Weekly Mission Spotlight: Alliance Medical Ministry

Approximately 117,000 Wake County residents are uninsured. Alliance Medical Ministry (AMM) is a faith-based non-profit clinic committed to providing comprehensive, compassionate and affordable healthcare to working, uninsured adults in Wake County.

Board-certified physicians in Internal Medicine or Family Medicine provide the medical foundation for patients at Alliance. Patient co-pays are based on individual household income. Since opening in 2013, AMM has become a medical home to 2,500 individuals annually. AMM acknowledge all individuals as persons of worth and value and offers free counseling and pastoral support for all patients. Alliance’s physicians, pastoral care, and counseling team focus not only on the physical health of patients, but on their mental and emotional health, often uncovering deeper issues, such as addiction, abuse, depression and anxiety. Approximately 131,000 Wake County residents are food insecure. AMM’s community garden harvests more than 2,000 lbs. of fresh produce each year for patients of the clinic.

Funding from the FPC Mission budget supports the medical clinic. Alliance has been a volunteer location for our annual FPC day of service.

For more information or volunteer opportunities, visit www.alliancemedicalministry.org »