Meet Our Mission Committee: Nancy & Chuck Crew

Meet the Mission Committee

I am very blessed to have many dedicated members of the Mission Committee. These FPC members devote countless hours of their time and assist me with mission budget allocation, grant reviews, as well as serving as coordinators for various subcommittees and/or as liaisons with mission partners. The Mission Committee is comprised of elders, deacons, PW representatives and at-large church members. I couldn’t do my job effectively without their help and I want you to have the opportunity to get to know them better.

Mission Committee Members: Nancy & Chuck Crew

Joined FPC: 2004

Family: We have been married for 36 years and have two daughters, a son-in-law, a granddaughter, and a granddog.  Caroline (29), Daniel, Ainsley (9 months), and their dog, Jack, live in Raleigh.  Melissa (24) is finishing a 2-year Master’s program at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA.

Careers: Our professional work has been mainly in the pharmaceutical industry.  Nancy was a Packaging Engineer and “retired” early from GSK while our daughters were still home and busy with extracurricular activities.  Although Chuck officially retired from his GSK Engineering days several years ago, he has accepted Project Manager consulting positions over the last few years when called upon.  He is currently finishing an assignment with Merck.

Kathy: Why do you feel missions are important to FPC?

Nancy & Chuck: We feel missions are important to FPC because the church should be the hands and the feet of God, ministering to those in need.

Kathy: What mission are you most closely affiliated with and why?

Nancy & Chuck: We are currently serving as the FPC Volunteer Coordinators for Habitat for Humanity.  The need for affordable, safe housing is great.  Supporting Habitat for Humanity is one way we can help support those in need of a safe place to live.  We are glad FPC is able to be a significant financial sponsor for each of the two building projects we are involved in every year.  We will need FPC volunteers on the building sites when Habitat is ready to safely welcome volunteers again.  (Nancy also was a JobStart mentor for many years and served as a Meals on Wheels volunteer before COVID-19.)

Kathy: What was your most memorable trip or vacation?

Nancy & Chuck: We have been very fortunate to have done a lot of traveling so it is hard to choose a most memorable trip.  Both sets of our parents planned 50th anniversary trips for the whole family and those trips were very special.  We celebrated Nancy’s parents 50th anniversary in Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks, where her parents honeymooned in 1955.  For Chuck’s parents’ anniversary, the family went to Mackinac Island, MI.

Kathy: What is an item on your bucket list?

Nancy & Chuck: One item on our bucket list is to reschedule our cruise to the Greek Isles that was cancelled due to COVID-19.

Kathy: What is something positive that you’ve experienced during the pandemic that you may incorporate into your life going forward.

Nancy & Chuck: Connecting with extended family via Zoom has been a very positive experience during the pandemic and we plan to keep it up on a regular basis. We started Zoom sessions last March primarily as a way to connect with Nancy’s mother and extended family members 3 times a week.  While Nancy’s mother was in a nursing home without any visitors, regular Zoom sessions were a blessing for all.  Even though Nancy’s mother is no longer with us, we are maintaining regular extended family Zoom sessions every other week. The ability to meet and worship via Zoom has been a real blessing. I would like to continue some meetings via Zoom. With limited time with family and friends during the pandemic, I’d like to think I’d be more appreciative of those times in the future.

Kathy: If you could invite 3 people (living or dead, fictional or real) to dinner, who would they be and why?

Nancy & Chuck: We would need to invite 4 people so all of our parents could be included.  We miss them dearly.