June 1994


Sharyl is usually in her office updating the church rolls, coordinating a wedding, baptism, or funeral, working on next week’s Sunday worship bulletin, or managing Pastoral Concerns. What you may not realize though, is that she also maintains the Church School curriculum, the Lay Readers schedule, and provides support for the Session, the Senior Pastor, the Director of Children and Family Ministries and the Director of Music. And that’s not all. When you send an email to us, she’s going to respond or forward you to the person you need. She’s been an integral part of our church family since 1994 and just celebrated a 25 year work anniversary with us June 23. At her reception, we heard many members exclaim: “We just don’t know what we’d do without Sharyl!” This summarizes all that we count on her for every week and our overwhelming appreciation for all that she does. It hasn’t gone unnoticed!


Sharyl has a passion for our church records. This is a result of her love of family history and the preservation of documents. She is a stickler for accuracy and will make certain that names and dates are recorded correctly and promptly search for information to fill in any blanks. It’s no surprise then, when she’s not at work, she is an avid genealogist and enjoys diving into the family tree in her free time. If there’s something you want to know, she will find the answer!

Sharyl has been a member of the PCUSA Administrative Personnel Association since 2004 and has earned the level 3 certification. The APA promotes continuing education, individual growth, communication and fellowship that strengthens lives both spiritually and professionally. She continues to attend the annual APA conference in the Atlantic region and strongly feels this contributes to increase the value of her work to herself, the staff and the congregation.


Spending time with family is first on her list, and sometimes it’s combined with scrapbooking with her daughter, Michelle (FPC’s Communications Specialist), who she also gets to work with! She also enjoys going to the gym, attends car club meetings, and swing dancing with her husband, Bob.

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