FPC Foundation: Enhancing FPC’s Mission

The FPC Foundation was established in 1990 to provide a financial means to expand our service beyond normal operating budgets. Last month, the Foundation, did just that by making gifts to support organizations hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. These gifts were one example of how the Foundation supports the work of the Church. The Foundation is able to provide one-time gifts to support special projects, capital  improvements and assist with unplanned financial challenges. The gifts the Foundation has made provide the recipients the means to expand their missions in service to Christ. Below are a few recent examples:

  • Rise Against Hunger event held at our Church as part of our annual FPC Day of Service.
  • Support to a Dental Clinic in Haiti.
  • Job Start program, Campus Ministries, and several Capital Improvement Funds for our Church.

All these gifts were made possible by of the generosity of members and friends of our Church and the flexibility the Foundation has in providing support.

The Foundation is governed by a 12-member Board who oversee the funds, their investment, and the gifting of those funds. Stay tuned for more information, including an updated brochure and a new webpage, both containing more details about how to get involved with the Foundation. We invite you to join us. Current events highlight Christ’s commandment to love our neighbors. We are grateful that the Foundation is one of the ways that we can show that love.

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