Weekly Mission Spotlight: Ripe Revival

Buy a Box of Produce and Help a Family in Need

Ripe Revival, based out of Rocky Mount and L&M Produce are teaming up to help fight food insecurity across Wake County. For every box of produce sold, they will donate and deliver a similar box to a family in need.

Ripe Revival: Community Supported Produce Box


  • 3-5 Different Types of Vegetables
  • 1-3 Different Types of Fruits
  • Around 10-12 Pounds of Fresh, “Perfectly Imperfect” Produce
  • Your Box Purchase = Donation of Produce Box to a Family in Need!
  • Your Purchase Helps Farmers Sell More of Their Crops!
  • Cost of a box = $22.99

This community supported produce box program supports farmers and families in need by utilizing perfectly fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables that may not be “pretty” enough for grocery stores, but are still perfectly healthy and ready to nourish your family and others!

Purchased boxes are delivered to your front door and distribution of donated boxes is thru community churches, food banks and nonprofit organizations that share in the mission of fighting hunger and food waste.
Ripe Revival works directly with local and regional US farmers, buying crops that they would typically not have a home for, providing more income and efficiency for their families.

First Presbyterian Church member and Raleigh resident, Matt Tunnell, works with L&M Produce and has been instrumental in trying to launch this community effort in Wake County.

To participate or learn more, visit:
www.riperevivalmarket.com/products/community-supported-produce-box ┬╗

For questions, email Matt at matt.tunnell@lmcompanies.com