Weekly Mission Spotlight: Presbyterian Campus Ministry of Raleigh

Presbyterian Campus Ministry (PCM) of Raleigh is a vital ministry of the New Hope Presbytery that’s existed since the founding of the West Raleigh Presbyterian Church in the late 1920’s. Its vision is to proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom of God through ministry to, with and for college students in the Raleigh area. PCM seeks to educate students in issues of faith and as a result Christian service as church leaders and equipping them to be sent out into the world to continue the ministry of the church.

During the summer months, PCM Raleigh provided programs, fellowship, small groups and pastoral care for students. As permissible by the State of NC, and with safety procedures practiced, the students met outside for small group hikes and simple adventures to bring comfort and smiles during the uncertain days.

Early August, PCM Raleigh hosted a “Welcome to PCM” night in the West Raleigh Presbyterian Church outdoor courtyard. All wore masks and practiced social distancing. They greeted the largest number of first year students in the past three years.

Late August found all undergraduate classes returning to online format and on campus housing closing for occupancy. PCM Raleigh returned to online for large group weekly programs, and continues to meet in the courtyard for small group activities, including coffee, study hall, pastoral care, and yoga. Attendance continues to grow, and students from other universities, home for online classes, are also joining the ministry.

As participation has increased, so has the pastoral care. Rev. Ashley-Anne Masters continues to lead weekly programs and provide pastoral care through online formats.

PCM Raleigh established a food pantry to address food insecurities within the ministry, as well as provide necessities to those in isolation and quarantine from COVID-19.

Financial support from FPC goes to the general budget to help programing such as PCM weekly evening fellowship, Peace and Justice Forum, discipleship, Bible study groups, service projects, and PCM. FPC member and NC State alum, Nick Triggiano, is a current PCM Raleigh Board of Directors member. FPC church member, Katherine Matthes, is on the PCM Raleigh student leadership team.

Please pray for their students, staff and Board of Directors to find strength during these unprecedented days. To learn more, visit www.pcmraleigh.org »