Weekly Mission Focus: StepUp Ministry

StepUp Ministry has been serving the community in Wake County since 1988. Guided by a principle of compassionate accountability and focused on transforming lives through employment and life skills training, StepUp Ministry empowers low income adults and children to achieve long-term stability via phased programming. StepUp believes lives are transformed through God’s love and grace and their vision is to be the premier resource in Wake County for people seeking to improve their lives and develop stable careers.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 20.1% of the people in Raleigh are living below the poverty level. In some neighborhoods in Wake County, 23% of residents are unemployed. Many of these men and women are actively seeking employment and stability, but face barriers such as criminal backgrounds, racial inequality, histories of drug abuse, domestic violence, and/or homelessness.

Unemployment creates vulnerable situations for hundreds of families, which prohibits people from living their best lives. StepUp Ministry is on a mission to change that. Guided by the needs of participants, StepUp values diversity, inclusiveness, equality, accountability, and collaboration and joyfully celebrate efforts and successes.

In 2018, 331 volunteers helped 259 StepUp participants find jobs, and helped 151 adults learned how to build stability. 121 young adults participated in the Real World Program, 89 children participated in the Children’s program, and 86 program alumni engaged in StepUp’s continuous learning opportunities entrepreneurial program. FPC provides financial support for the general operations of StepUp Ministry.

To learn more or to become a volunteer, visit www.stepupministry.org