We need more knitters!

Help us Knit Prayer Shawls and Baby Blankets


A small group of women in the church knit prayer shawls and baby blankets, and the knitters have been busy knitting for many years. The shawls are for church members who are ill, in nursing homes, or need comfort that a soft shawl can give. The baby blankets are given to a church family when a new baby is born. Sometimes a cute little knitted bunny is given to a small sibling in the family when a baby blanket is delivered.


The number of knitters in the group has become small and it is becoming difficult to complete the number of knitted items needed. The group would love to have some additional knitters and would welcome anyone who already knows how to knit. Even if you don’t knit and would like to learn, the knitters will find a way to teach you the simple art of knitting. The cute bunnies would be the place to start as they are created from a small knitted rectangle.


Most of the knitting patterns used by the group are simple, though the knitters have freedom to choose any pattern. Yarn and needles can be provided by the knitting group and expenses can be reimbursed.


Before the pandemic, the group met monthly at a Starbucks or the church, and such meetings will probably occur again when it is safe to do so. Currently, the group meets via ZOOM, and that has been a perfect way to keep in touch and share ideas and information. Meeting with the group, however, is not a requirement.

If you have an interest in joining the group or in learning to knit and would like more information, you may contact Karen Dunn at (919) 787-1562.