Volunteer Opportunities

Helen Wright Center for Women

During the COVID-19 crisis, women are now staying at the shelter 24 hours a day, which means they need lunches, snacks, drinks, games, books, gift certificates for takeout food, hygiene kits, bags of ice, and the daily dinners they would normally provide. Items can be ordered and delivered to or dropped off at the shelter at 401 W. Cabarrus Street in Raleigh. They have limited refrigeration and general storage so please keep that in mind. If you would like to help with lunches, contact Evelyn Reade at ereade@urbanmin.org or call (919) 215-6948 and if you would like to help with dinners, please contact the meal coordinator at ummealcoordinator@gmail.com.

Meals on Wheels of Wake County

As of March 23, Meals on Wheels of Wake County has suspended the hot meal delivery program for the foreseeable future. Beginning March 31, 2020, they will transition to a frozen meal delivery plan and will attempt to deliver 5 frozen meals once a week to all 1400 participants in Wake County. Each volunteer will deliver to no more than 8 clients. If you are a current volunteer, please contact your site manager to let them know if you can help deliver. If you are not a current volunteer, and would like to help, please fill out the application at: www.wakemow.org/volunteer-application-mow-wake-county

American Red Cross Blood Services

The American Red Cross is grappling with a severe blood shortage as thousands of blood drives have been canceled nationwide, and healthy blood donors are needed. Sign up to give at www.redcrossblood.org