Update from Rev. Moon in Bolivia

Please pray for the people in Bolivia

COVID-19 has crippled Bolivia as it moves across the globe. We had an online Zoom meeting with Rev. Moon a few days ago (Kathy Johnson, the Peacocks, and the Millers) to find out more about their current situation.

We learned that:
– All schools and churches are closed in Santa Cruz.
– People can leave their homes only one day/week.
– Eden School students are learning from home using cell phones!
– The sick are quarantined at home…no beds in the hospitals or clinics for the poor.
– Pastor Miguel’s family members have all had the virus and are recovering.
– Pastor Juan Carlos’ wife is seriously ill with the Coronavirus.

Rev. Moon is friends with the owner of a SuperMax store so he can get groceries to distribute to his poorest parishioners on his bicycle during the one day a week he is allowed out of his home. Rev. Moon and his congregations are praying for us. It would be good to pray for them and others around the world who are much worse off than we.

Yours in Christ,
Bill Miller