Session Shorts August 26, 2020

The Session met 7:00 pm Wednesday, August 26th

Items for Approval:

  • A motion was approved for Kristen Sommerfeld to be endorsed and commended as a
    Candidate for Ministry with the Presbytery.
  • The Worship, Music, and Communion Committee presented a motion for approval for
    revisions to the Wedding Guidelines to reflect changes based on updated Covid-19
    pandemic safety protocols. Motion passed.


Items for Information:

  • The Commissioners to the July 28th New Hope Presbytery meeting provided an update on
    the meeting. The commissioners were Lewis Mayhew, Frances McClain, and Tommy
  • The FPC Public Worship Task Force continues to examine potential timelines for re-
    opening the Church.
  • Nancy Council Rix presented the results of the Strategic Planning Committee work to
    summarize the data gathered from the FPC Share Your Visions input. The report
    represented extensive data analysis and detailed next steps for action by various church
    committees as part of the ongoing effort to turn the inputs into action.