PW Circle 8: Quilt Project for Habitat for Humanity

In the fall of 2019, Circle 8 began a project to make quilts for the six new condos that our church was helping to build.

Many circle members and several people outside the church shared their talents. The results were lovely. As a way to personally thank each one that worked on the quilts, note cards were made with pictures of the quilts. The response was positive and thus began the card making project.

The cards are available in orders of 10 with a suggested donation of $1 per card. Note cards may be purchased with a donation to Habitat for Humanity at church. There are four different ones available and the pictures are below. Contact Jerrie Dearborn at

Send your Habitat for Humanity donation to:

First Presbyterian Church
ATTN: Kathy Johnson
112 S. Salisbury Street
Raleigh, NC 27601

(Include “Habitat for Humanity” on the memo line.)

“High Heels”

“Bow Tie”

“San Francisco”

“Clothes Line”