Prayers Needed for a Loaves and Fishes Neighbor

Many of you may remember that in September of 2019 Tyreek Elliott and Joe Burmester delivered a Moment for Mission about Loaves and Fishes.

Tyreek is now 15 years old, and has been involved in the Loaves and Fishes program since early childhood. Bradley Kraemer began volunteering at Loaves and Fishes when Tyreek was in 4th grade, having been asked by one of the facilitators to consider working with him after school. His teacher had noticed his creativity and thought a music/drama teacher would make a good match. Phil Kraemer was serving on the Loaves and Fishes Board of Directors at the time.

Tyreek’s family consists of his mom, his grandmother, a younger brother Tristen, and an older brother Anthony. His mom has been on disability and unemployed for some time. During most of Tyreek’s life, his mom has not been able to afford her own place of residence and the family has mostly lived with his grandmother.

Just recently, his mom started working full time at a nursing home. This is her first steady job in a while, and has enabled her to be able to afford rent in subsidized housing and provide a home for Tyreek and Tristen.

Several months ago, Tyreek was in a terrible accident, falling 30 feet in a parking garage in downtown Raleigh, not far from his grandmother’s house. He broke both of his wrists, both upper and lower jaw, and suffered other facial fractures and dental injuries. Needless to say, he has had and will continue to have, follow up appointments with doctors who are working to repair his injuries. He has missed school during recovery and has fallen behind somewhat due to Covid19 and virtual schooling.

The Kraemers have and will continue to be his mentors helping with transportation to appointments and other needs. However, they and Tyreek could use some help.

Here are some ways you can help Tyreek:

  1. Pray for Tyreek’s continued recovery.
  2. Mail a Get Well card to Tyreek.
    (c/o Bradley & Phil Kraemer, 2204 Oxford Rd., Raleigh, NC 27608)
  3. Volunteer to help with transportation to doctors’ appointments.
  4. Volunteer to help tutor Tyreek this summer and during the school year as needed.
    (A great opportunity for an FPC youth!)
  5. Help Tyreek find a part time job this summer to build skills.

The Kraemers have invested so much time and Christian love in Tyreek’s life, and the life of his family, because they are committed to helping Tyreek and his family break the cycle of poverty.

If you’d like to join them in this effort, please contact Bradley or Phil Kraemer:

(919) 791-5387