Parking Lot Maintenance

Over the next few weeks, FPC will be resurfacing and relining the main and rear parking lots in phases.

The timing on the entire project will be dependent on the contractor availability and daily weather.

  • The initial phase will resurface the portion of the main lot from the dumpster corral to the Morgan St. gate / sidewalk.


  • During this phase, parking will be limited to the double parking spaces in the lower lot (Hargett St. end) and the rear lot between the Stock and AT&T buildings.


  • Access to Memorial Hall, Edge, and Sanctuary will be via the kitchen door (service corral) or the Salisbury St. door.


  • Once that phase is completed, the remaining portion of the main lot (double parking area) and the entire rear lot will be next.


  • During that phase, only the main parking lot will be open to entry through the Morgan St. gate, and the Edge Lobby door will be accessible.


If you have any questions, please call Scott or Edward at 919-821-5750.
Thank you for your understanding, cooperation, and patience.