Outreach Water Ministry: Help Us Fill the Water Cooler!

Support the vulnerable homeless population during these hot summer days by donating a case of water.

With temperatures in the upper 90s and heat indexes soaring to 100-105 degrees, it is dangerous to be outdoors without adequate hydration. The danger of dehydration is real in the Summer heat. Under these extreme conditions, an adult can lose 1-1.5 liters of sweat per hour. If that lost water is not replaced, the total volume of body fluid can fall quickly and, most dangerously, blood volume may drop. When you have too little blood circulating in your body, blood pressure falls to levels that can be fatal. Body temperatures also rise when we stop sweating.

That’s why we decided to offer free bottled water to the downtown homeless population. We filled a cooler (donated by Ed McLeod) with ice and bottles of water and placed it outside the FPC Outreach entrance on Hargett Street. It is stocked and monitored daily for activity on a live camera, and brought inside at the end of the day. The first day of this being offered, on Wednesday, July 22, 13 people took ice cold water!

If you would like to donate a case of water, please contact:

Kathy Johnson
Director of Outreach
(919) 833-4070