Meet the Mission Committee: Chris Northup

I am very blessed to have many dedicated members of the mission committee. These FPC members devote countless hours of their time and assist me with mission budget allocation, grant reviews, as well as serving as coordinators for various subcommittees and/or as liaisons with mission partners. The mission committee is comprised of elders, deacons, PW representatives and at-large church members. I couldn’t do my job effectively without their help and I want you to have the opportunity to get to know them better.

Mission Committee Member: Chris Northup
Joined FPC: March 2009
Family: Married to Amy for 39 years. Father to two grown and married daughters, Amanda (Patrick) and Kelsey (Simon) and one cat named Sam. Grandfather to 2 ½ year old Lauren.
Career: HR consultant – assists clients throughout the country with government compliance regulations.

Kathy: Why do you feel missions are important to FPC?
Chris: An important part of my faith is to do my best to follow Jesus’ teachings and calling for us to minister to those around us. This includes our families, friends, church members, people in our local communities and those globally. FPC’s mission efforts are important in doing what we are all called to do and look outside of the congregation and help with the needs of others.

Kathy: What mission are you most closely affiliated with and why?
Chris: My passion is for Haiti and I have been working in Haiti related missions for many years. Through mission trips to Haiti with this church and through volunteer efforts with Haiti Outreach Ministries, an FPC mission partner, I have found that we have been able to make a difference in the three communities served in the Port-au-Prince, Haiti area. These efforts cover education, medical and church efforts and we are fortunate to have great partners on the ground in Haiti. I am grateful to First Pres and the congregation for supporting the annual medical mission trip, supporting students through sponsorships and their prayers.

Kathy: What was your most memorable trip or vacation?
Chris: Our delayed honeymoon in the mid 1980’s when we traveled to Japan, which was Amy’s first trip. It was great to show her where I grew up and have her meet my grandparents.

Kathy: What is an item on your bucket list?
Chris: To visit the Taj Mahal.

Kathy: What is something positive that you’ve experienced during the pandemic that you may incorporate into your life going forward?
Chris: To learn that no matter how difficult and daunting the situation you are in, with prayer, patience and your family you can get through even the most difficult crisis.

Kathy: If you could invite 3 people (living or dead, fictional or real) to dinner, who would they be and why?
1. Jesus—I would like to talk with about his time on earth and his experiences first hand.
2. Our family friend and adopted grandfather Ted Romig—I would like to talk about his days growing up in China in the 1920’s and serving as a missionary in China.
3. Arthur Ashe – I always admired him as a tennis player and as a person growing up and would appreciate having the opportunity to learn more about his experiences and what he faced.

Kathy Johnson
Director of Community Outreach
First Presbyterian Church