Legacy Giving: Eleanor Howell

May 2021

Christlike. What an incredible goal for Christians – to be LIKE CHRIST.

Eleanor Howell was on that journey. Although her life was far too short, her actions and the love she shared for her church and with her church family and our community made apparent her desire to live a Christlike life. Not only did Eleanor pour herself into working with our youth, acting as one of our unofficial Presbyterian historians, and leading her PW circle, but she also gave. If the church doors were open, she was there. If a need arose, she volunteered. It is not surprising that Eleanor also considered her church in her estate planning. She considered her legacy and left a significant gift to First Presbyterian in her will.

Eleanor’s generosity will help ensure the long term sustainability of our church including our work with youth and with missions. We are grateful for faithful members of our church family. Consider your legacy and how you might help with the long-term viability of the mission of First Presbyterian: Serving Christ from the Heart of the City to the Ends of the Earth with Love, Faith and Action.

For more information on making a planned gift, contact the First Presbyterian Foundation at foundation@fpcraleigh.org.

Bruce Ham

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