Harden Memorial Garden and Columbarium Renovations To Begin in Early 2022

Some exciting changes are coming to the Harden Memorial Garden and Columbarium!

After 25 years the plantings in the garden have become overgrown or crowded out, or simply have reached the end of their attractive life span. Moreover, the paving, lighting and drainage systems are in need of significant maintenance work.

The FPC Columbarium Committee, in conjunction with church staff and Diaconate, and with approval of the Session, has developed a plan for extensive renovations of the garden and columbarium. In early 2022 we will begin that project, anticipating completion in early spring. The project includes the following major improvements:

  • Removal of many of the plants and replacement with space-appropriate ones;
  • Removal and reconfiguration of the brick paving to provide closer access to the niche wall, expand space for gatherings, and add built-in seating for quiet visits;
  • Construction of an arched entry and brick parking lot accent space to make the garden more noticeable and attractive;
  • Relocation of the memorial cairn near its original location;
  • Improvements to the lighting and drainage systems;
  • Safety improvements and enlargement of the Child Development Center playground, to provide a separate play space for toddlers and more direct emergency egress.

Major funding for the project will come from the Garden and Columbarium perpetual care fund, with significant support from the FPC Foundation and our Child Development Center partners.

During the project the garden will be an active construction site with equipment in the parking lot and with very limited access to the garden itself. Our contractor is sensitive to our heavy weekend use of the parking lot and garden, and will attempt to minimize the impact of construction.

We believe this project will ensure that the columbarium and garden remain a beautiful and holy space, a fitting place for honoring loved ones.

Thanks to everyone for your patience with any inconvenience during the process.