Our FPC Bolivian Mission team thanks all who generously donated scholarships for Eden students. We are on track for matching last year’s ability to support 100 of the poorest (but bright) students for a year of “Eden education.”

The political situation in Bolivia (resignation of president Evo Morales) seems to be leading to an election process that will elect a president who is more open to American overtures. Already, the government has announced that visas will no longer be needed for Americans to enter Bolivia; just a passport will be required. This will make it more affordable for FPC mission team members in the future!

Please keep Bolivia in your prayers. It is fragile, but moving in the right direction. Also, please know that Siwon Park (April is her English name), who has been a long-term Spanish/Korean translator for our FPC mission team at the Eden school, joined our church December 29, 2019. Please welcome her warmly. She is on her way to Western Carolina University as a beginning student this Spring semester.

– Bolivian Mission leaders

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