FPC Staff Show and Tell: Ed McLeod


August 2004


Ed’s hometown of Hampton, Virginia, is a convention city with an old soul and a youthful enthusiasm, which you could, in a way, relate to his own humor and can-do attitude. Ed has an active lifestyle, which began in college on the swim team where he met his wife of 36 years, Jenny. He loves golfing and makes sure exercise is always on his schedule. He loves food, as he can’t name any he doesn’t like (Yes, we did ask). In his spare time you may catch him working on a crossword puzzle, or in deep contemplation of how God is at work in the world. And his favorite scripture? Find it at Mark 8:36.


Ed summarizes his role as pastor at First Presbyterian Church simply and eloquently: “Preaching, teaching, pastoral care and together with church officers, overseeing the life of the church.” Working alongside our outstanding staff, Ed strives to live up to God’s calling for First Presbyterian Church. His favorite part, however, is studying and reading, and interactions with church members that share their joys and concerns with him.


Celebrating his 15th year with us, he reflects on how much he loved being here during the time of our building renovation to witness what a wonderful and adaptable church family we have during a time of, well, upheaval. The celebration of our bicentennial year was also very memorable and a favorite past time that makes it such a joy to be a part of this church family! In his own words: “It is wonderful and rare to have such a vibrant, loving family of faith. God has a lot to do through us.”