A Stephen Minister is here to walk alongside you.

During this season, we may all find ourselves grieving one thing or another. Maybe you’ve lost a job. Maybe you’re anxious about the future. Maybe you have a loved one who has died. There are so many losses these days, and you don’t have to bear all of that alone. Stephen Ministry is an important ministry of the church. Our Stephen Ministers have been trained in Christian caregiving and are here to walk alongside you during a time of crisis or pain. Here is what Jon McCargo, one of our newest Stephen Ministers, said about his desire to become a Stephen Minister:

“I first learned about Stephen Ministry when I started attending First Presbyterian Raleigh. It has long been a concern of mine that, for whatever reason, men have a hard time sharing their concerns with others, especially other men. Our friendships tend to be mostly surface level, at least this has been my experience. Stephen Ministry appears to me to be an excellent way for men to find someone to confide in and receive care for a multitude of issues. I am praying Stephen Ministry will offer me the opportunity to provide a much-needed service and I know it will be a blessing to me in return.”

If you think a Stephen Minister may be a helpful relationship for you, please contact Laurie Taylor Weicher (lweicher@fpcraleigh.org).