A Huge “Thank You” from Eden

Our 2020 Eden School scholarship donations plus additional donations for technology are now in Rev. Moon’s hands for use at Eden during 2021.

YOUR GENEROSITY WAS WONDERFUL. It has given Rev. Moon the chance to offer his usual number of scholarships (about 100) PLUS purchase laptops, Wi-Fi/internet networks for teachers to offer distance learning from all of the classrooms as well as to enhance in-classroom instruction. Bolivian schools are under strict governmental orders as to the type of education that is permitted under COVID19 conditions (e.g., in-person vs distance-learning). Our help has given Eden the flexibility to continue its high-quality Christian-oriented education for many poor youth in Bolivia, both in-person and virtual education. THANK YOU!

Some of you may already know of Rev. Moon’s experience with thieves at Eden two months ago. He got up at his usual time (about 4:30 am), took a thoughtful walk around Eden and found thieves stealing equipment and glasses from Eden’s small vision shop as well as stored food from other rooms. The sudden tense encounter involved weapons pointed at him versus Rev. Moon “the missionary.” Rev. Moon’s calm interaction with the thieves caused them to quietly leave and no one was hurt! Through Rev. Moon’s friends in the government (e.g. Bolivia’s vice president) and TV, the police were incentivized to find the thieves and rescue the stolen items. ALL WAS RETURNED except $1000 worth of food that a Korean congregation donated for Rev. Moon to give to his church members and neighbors. Local Bolivians and refugees from Venezuela are starving because COVID19 keeps them from working…..so they steal. Our FPC Mission Committee is considering ways to increase security at Eden during this time of crisis.

Please keep Rev. Moon’s Presbyterian missionary work and the Eden School in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you again for your generosity.

-Bill Miller