Kate C. Sprunt Memorial Library

The library was established as a memorial to Kate C. Sprunt, wife of Dr. James Sprunt, Pastor of First Presbyterian Church in the 1950s. Today, the Kate C. Sprunt Memorial Library boasts a large, diverse, and growing collection of books, DVDs, and audio and video tapes for children and adults. The library was established with the following broad emphases:

  • Bible study
  • Christian Doctrine
  • Christian Education
  • Christian family life
  • Youth guidance
  • Church history
  • North Carolina and Raleigh History
  • Leadership

In addition to reference books and source books useful for Christian Education leaders and students, the library also offers an extensive North Carolina collection, classic and modern books in natural science, philosophy, health, geography, travel, fiction, world religions, and poetry.

FPC members are encouraged to make a designated gift to honor or remember a loved one by making a cash donation to the library. Members of the library staff will then select a book or other item for purchase based on the following considerations:

  • The overall needs of the church
  • The interests of the person being honored or memorialized
  • The requests of the donor, if applicable

A record of memorial and honoree gifts is kept in the FPC Memory Book, which is kept in the Library. In addition, a card designating the honored person is affixed to the designated book or item.

If you are interested in making a memorial or honor donation to the Library, you can send a check to the church office made out to First Presbyterian Church, with “Kate C. Sprunt Library” on the memo line.

The library also accepts direct donations of books and other items on a more limited basis. Our limited shelf and storage space means that we must carefully consider every item that we add to our collection. Before accepting a book or other item to the library, the committee considers whether it meets the following criteria:

  • Is it appropriate for a church library?
  • Does the library already own this item?
  • Is this a better copy of an item the library already owns?
  • Is the item in excellent physical condition?
  • Will church members be likely to read, view, or listen to this item?

Items that are not deemed suitable for our collection for any of the above reasons may be donated to another church or to other programs, such as homeless or prison missions.

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